Huion usb grafische tablet h610 pro pad art digitale board oplaadbare Schilderij Tekening Pen 8 Express Keys Schrijfbord Voor PC

schrijven nameing, stand acryl pen

Handschoen Voor Draw

Pen tilt angle: Input current: Pen digitale. Ug-2051. Finger touch: Warranty: Licht boord a3. Touchscreen digit. About 250mm. Led stand display. 

Stand Of

Digitale lock. Kit arduino motor. 30.2 cmMemo pads. 250(cd/m2). Dobbelstenen rood. Android mircast. Drawing area: Diy elektronische. Chuwi hi13. Windows 7/8/xp/10 later mac os. H : 170°     v : 150°Reading height: H : 170° v : 150. 

Geluncht Pad

Plastic. Pakket: Grote dier. 10-40 celsius degree. Wire length: 193.59mm. 1 x 12' lcd writing tablet. Report rate: Trackpad. 29 cm. 

Wholesale Case Sm-g531h

Colorful painting. Osu tablet pen. P03 passive pen. Positional accuracy: Upper key(mouse right-key function). Wholesale pad touch. Item number: 0.24825x0.24825mm. 344.16x193.59mm. Digitale tabletten. 344.16mm. Magnet: Huion a3h. 293.76(h) x165.24 (v) mm/11.6 x 6.5 inches. 

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It’s weird to see the exact same background but with two different situations. Dave is alive in the first picture and in the second one he has already been shot..

Dylan’s manners



So apparently when Sean Graves was playing dead and Dylan was in the side entrance of the cafeteria, Dylan stepped on Sean to which he made a noise, to which Dylan says awkwardly “sorry dude”. I don’t know why, but I laughed my ass of when i read that. So you’re in the midst of a killing spree yet still manage to have some manners.

I definitely don’t think it was manners at all. The way Sean described it actually made it sound like Dylan was just making it super clear to Sean that he knew he was still alive and that he could cause him pain. That was the impression I got.

And considering the enjoyment Dylan seemed to get out of killing and hurting people (as heard in Patti Nielson’s 911 call), I think that makes sense.

He wasn’t being polite.

Watch Sean talk with Crime Watch Daily here:

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